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Titanium Construction in Los Angeles County has made a name for itself in the industry by designing and installing new Kitchen, Bathroom, Driveways & Pavers, Addition & ADU, Roofing, Ext & Interior Painting, Solar, Windows & Doors, Backyard Renovations & Other Works in homes throughout the metro area. Our remodeling contractors in Winnetka, CA can provide a superior client experience because we provide a turn key approach. Every project is budgeted. Every project has a distinct goal. Every project is distinct. Engaging our professional design team from the start ensures the best possible outcome for your project. It is not enough to simply know how to do the job. Not with us. We are one of the most awarded local home remodeling companies in the Los Angeles County, CA Area because we understand design, craftsmanship, material selection, and aesthetics. Our building contractor near you in Winnetka, CA provides exceptional service while maintaining a professional and reliable contracting company. Relationships make a difference. There’s more to contracting than slapping a magnet on the side of truck.


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Remodeling can be overwhelming and complicated at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Titanium Construction assists you in realizing your creative visions. We are available to work on any type of home project and specialize in the design and construction of kitchens and bathrooms. Our Winnetka masonry team can handle everything from large-scale home remodels to minor household repairs.

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