about us

Titanium Construction’s mission is to provide homeowners in California with affordable, high-quality services.

Construction projects, big or small, require a sense of focus and dedication that only we can provide. It can be stressful trying to determine what level of service is required, and we want to take the stress out of any renovation, remodeling, and construction project so you can focus on your life. We have experience, dedication, and a talented team waiting to get started on your next project!
Remember the fundamental value of adaptability? We mean it. There are always challenges lurking in the background. Sometimes existing structures are worse off than thought, or the foundational soil in the backyard is not what was first estimated. This is something we can accomplish. We’ll figure something out. Titanium Construction is one of the top contractors in the area because it has good contingency plans and options.
We are fully licensed and insured to do residential construction. Our team of contractors and designers use communication as a core value to connect with our customers and determine which direction they want to go in. They will assist in fleshing out design ideas, determining whether a customer’s ideas can work in the space available, and providing alternate options if they cannot. We never let anything stand in the way of achieving our objectives.
We look forward to serving you!

Never hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions.