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To become a certified contractor, a roofing company must undergo extensive training, demonstrate continuing education for learning up-to-date methods and equipment, have premium insurance for both our customers’ and our own protection, be properly licensed, and have an outstanding online reputation from trusted sources. You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of contractors abandoning your home renovation projects or failing to deliver the high-quality work you expected. We provide the highest quality roof installation to our customers, using long-lasting, low-cost shingles that are completed on time.
Our contractors will give you direct answers to any questions or concerns you have, never leaving you wondering how much something will cost or when the project will be finished. Furthermore, if a problem arises with the roof we install, we include industry-leading warranties that cover both parts and labor.
Paying the Price…TWICE

While repairing a roof may seem like financial torture, consider the costs of replacing substructures and personal belongings that may be damaged by inclement weather! You could lose valuable items because a roof repair was required. But it never rains in Southern California. This is not correct. Because our climate is rapidly changing, homeowners must be more cautious of rapidly changing weather patterns. Brutal summers can cause cracking and distress, providing the perfect opportunity for winter and spring showers to cause additional damage later.
Allow us to assist you in keeping your roof safe. The longer you put off roof repairs, the more serious the situation can become. The smallest leak can cause significant damage. These small leaks grow larger and more difficult to stop. Soon, the structural integrity of your home is called into question, and the costs begin to rise. DIY roof jobs rarely end well, unless the homeowner is a contractor themselves, and even then, you may require the assistance of a team. Incorrect installations and repairs will only raise the cost of hiring a professional. Don’t take a chance by sacrificing service in order to save money. Allow Titanium to assist you in locating the best solution at the best price!

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